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Have you tried to manage the cleaning of your facility only to find that cleaning is not your core competency?

Have you found it difficult to manage a team of cleaning people whose duties and responsibilities are completely different from everyone else at your company? 

Do you find it hard to manage cleaning employees who need to work after hours when most managers are not available to supervise them?

Are you tired of hiring a janitorial company that promises big results but only delivers for the first few months? 

 Then you need to learn why Advanced Cleaning Service is a DIFFERENT KIND OF JANITORIAL COMPANY who can help you solve these issues with ease.  But don’t take our word for it – ask a few of the satisfied customers whose buildings we help maintain in a seven county area – many of whom have done business with us for eight years or more.

 We currently employ over forty team members who work at various banks, manufacturing facilities, and office complexes throughout the Upper Cumberland region.  We have excellent references from all our accounts.  Let us bring our trained cleaning staff into your business at a time most convenient to you and handle all of your cleaning needs. 

 What makes Advanced Cleaning Service so different? 

The keys to our success are:

- Low employee turnover,

- Consistent management supervision, and

- Training

- Wide array of service offerings 


Almost 40% of our employees have worked with us for three years or more and over 25% have worked with us for five years or more.  With our current work force, we have a combined cleaning experience of over sixty-five years.  Our employees are our top concern at Advanced Cleaning Service. 

 We work hard to develop a sense of family and camaraderie with our employees.  We have company parties, give gift certificates for birthdays, have an employee incentive plan (ACEE AWARDS – Advanced Cleaning Extraordinary Employee Awards), give paid holidays and vacations, and have a retirement plan.  We believe that good, stable employees provide a better level of quality to our customers.

Consistent Management Supervision - Advanced Cleaning Service works hard to identify service issues before they can become problems.  Instead, we actively manage our accounts in several ways to minimize issues and maximize the quality of service our customer receives.

The ACS Process includes:

- Quality inspections of the janitorial sites by Assistant Managers to make sure our standards are being met. (During these inspections, Assistant Managers actually spend the entire shift with the crew to monitor the site and ensure quality standards.)

- Daily Logs for our customers to record any minor issues or needs.

- Monthly check-ins with customers to follow up on service.

- Training: All janitorial employees are thoroughly trained prior to being assigned a team.  Our firm has developed training videos based on our patented cleaning techniques and well as step-by-step instructions for all employees.  This helps us to ensure that your building is cleaned at our highest cleaning standard every night.  In addition to this training, our Team Leaders attend twice monthly training with our Chief Operating Manager.  As previously discussed, our Assistant Managers work nightly with different crews to review crew members' performance, continue on-the-job training, and checking the site for quality assurance.

Wide array of service offerings  mop

Advanced Cleaning Service can take care of ALL your cleaning needs.  Of course we offer customized schedules for up to seven day per week janitorial service.  And we also can help maintain your facility’s cleanliness by providing the following services:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • VCT Stripping, Waxing & Buffing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Window Washing
  • Mechanical Floor Scrubbing
  • Upholstery & Panel Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning

We feel that this attention to our customers is the reason that we have grown from maintaining nine (9) buildings in 1998 to over seventy (70) today.  Let us help you make your facility shine!

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