10 Cleaning Resolutions You Can Make (and Keep!) in 2022

Published On: October 26, 2022

If we’ve learned nothing else since the “roaring” (to a screeching halt) 2020s started, it’s that cleanliness legitimately makes the world go around. Thus, it makes complete sense to have a list of cleaning resolutions to turn in to routine rituals in 2022. Cleaning resolutions are not only doable (unlike you “go to the gym 5 times a week” and you, “save more than I spend on Amazon”) but they also keep you safe and healthy. Add these 10 cleaning resolutions to your 2022 must-do list.

Wipe Common Use Surfaces Every Day

You may not think about the most commonly touched surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handles, toilet flushers, sink faucets, and refrigerator handles very often (unless you’re in a public toilet), but these items are touched all day every day by everyone in both your home and your office. These things are also often not cleaned…not even on Saturday morning when you vacuum the house and fluff the pillows.

Revolve to clean these common use surfaces every day and live cleaner in the new year.

Never Run Out of Cleaning Supplies

While there will hopefully never be a terrifying shortage of Clorox wipes again in the future, a good practice is to always have at least one unopened back-up of your basic household cleaning supplies on hand at all times. Your basics include:

·       Bleach, baking soda, and vinegar

·       Cleaning sprays: multipurpose, special surfaces (think granite or quartz or stainless), glass, wood, and disinfecting

·       Special cleaners like Goo Gone, oven spray, and sink cleaner

·       Shower spray with bleach and toilet bowl cleaner

·       Cleaning cloths, Mr. Clean Erasers, a duster, and steel wool for kitchen cleaning

Wash the Sheets Once a Week

It can be easy to forget to turn the sheets. Create a ritual of washing the sheets once per week for a better, cleaner night’s sleep. You get bonus points if you iron your sheets. Rumor has it that getting into a bed of crisply ironed sheets is something everyone should do at least once in their lives.

Wash Dishes at Night, Unload the Dishwasher in the Morning

A lot of people claim to be too tired to load the dishwasher at night. Anyone with children feels this on a spiritual level, we know, but if you make it a practice to load and start the dishwasher at night, your morning rituals will be so much nicer. It’s almost soothing to unload the dishwasher over the first cup of coffee in the morning (right after you pull you favorite cup off the top rack).

Load Dishes as You Cook

You can make the dishwasher resolution happen by loading the dishwasher as you cook. If the dishwasher is empty in the morning, then it’s easy to rinse and load throughout the day. This also makes the final nighttime cleaning a breeze. A huge benefit to this (aside from not having a sink full of dishes not sit overnight) is not having the bacteria farm of dirty dishes growing rampantly throughout the night in your sink. This practice makes it much easier to clean your sink.

Polish the Stainless and Kitchen Appliances Once a Week

Though we’re saying stainless, we mean all of your kitchen surfaces. Most kitchens these days have stainless appliances and sinks, but even if you don’t and have a glass top stove instead of a stainless gas range, you still want to polish the stainless once a week to keep your appliances sparkling and looking spanking new.

During this cleaning ritual, it’s important to also scrub out the sink. If you’re staying on top of the daily dish resolution, it won’t take much at all to have a spick and span sink. The most rewarding part of this cleaning resolution is the candle you feel overwhelmingly compelled to light when you’re done, like you’re banishing the dirt demons.

Keep the Laundry Table Clean

The laundry has a way of piling up. We realize this is like the 2022 cleaning resolution equivalent to “make it to the gym and lose 25 pounds”, but we believe in you. You deserve to take a load off (pun intended). Rather than letting loads of laundry pile up to “do them all at once” (which never happens in the same day) do loads as they come out of the drier. Being able to see the dining table or that chair or whatever the folding area of your house is will feel so satisfying.

Take Your Shoes Off Inside the House

Shoes bring in a plethora of unsavory germs and contaminants. Taking your shoes off when you enter the home is one of the top ways to keep your floors and furniture clean. As soon as you step foot onto the entryway rung, stop and kick off your shoes. Also, never go outside barefoot as you then bring stuff back in on your bare feet.

Not wearing shoes inside means, too, that you have to vacuum less, so this is definitely a resolution to adopt for 2022.

Clean the Bathrooms at Least Once a Week

Whether you clean the bathrooms the same day you mean-clean the kitchen or you do it a different day, clean the bathrooms at least once a week. Scrub the inside and outside of the toilets, wipe down the sinks with disinfectant, scrub mold and mildew out of the tub and showers and along the grout lines. It is easy to put off this cleaning commitment and then end up going weeks without doing it. Resolve to clean the bathrooms once a week in 2022.

Hire Pros for a Deep Cleaning at Least a Few Times a Year

Finally, resolve to do your home and yourself a favor by hiring pros for a deep cleaning at least a few times a year. Look online to see what cleaners in your area cost and then budget for that. Deep cleanings are like a reset button you need to push every so often. Also, you can learn house cleaning tips and strategies from the people who come in to detail your house. It’s a resolution worth keeping.

Keeping things clean is what we at Advanced Cleaning year-round, which is why we want you to resolve to make these cleaning resolutions for 2022. These 10 cleaning resolutions will keep your space safe and sparkling.

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