5 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Carpets and Rugs in 2022

Published On: October 26, 2022

Carpets and rugs are beautiful additions to any home. Carpets and rugs absorb noise. Carpets and rugs improve a space’s ambiance. Carpets and rugs tie rooms together. Carpets and rugs keep floors warm and comfy. They’re wonderful; however, carpets and rugs also absorb and retain dirt, debris, allergens, and tiny parasites called dust mites. This is why you need to clean your carpets and why you need to clean your rugs in 2022.

Maintain the Lifespan of the Carpet & Rugs

If you know, you know…carpets and rugs aren’t cheap, so whatever can be done to maintain them and to help remain vibrant, plush, and functional is invaluable. A freshly cleaned carpet smells better and looks better. A good steam cleaning can help eliminate a lot of debris and even stains in the carpet.

Professional carpet and rug cleaning can further deep-clean your carpet and rugs and can help improve the texture and overall appearance (did we mention how fresh it smells?). Consider, too, that regular cleaning can help keep your carpet or rug’s warranty valid.

Removes Bacteria, Germs, Allergens from the Carpet & Rugs

Another major reason as to why you need to clean your carpets and why you need to clean your rugs is to get bacteria and other allergens out of your rug. Even if you live in a family that takes off their shoes upon entry, a lot still gets trekked in and deposited on the carpets and rugs.

Consider that clothes, sweat moisture, and parasites all travel on our bodies, bags, briefcases, socks, coats, etc. These can all get into carpets and rugs and become spread throughout the environment when tousled. Some of these bacteria can lead to infections and serious digestives issues.

Stops Mold from Growing

Mold is another predator that lives in carpets and rugs. Mold often grows when the environment is moist, so sweaty feet, agents from the gym, coming in from rain, spilling a drink, a pet accident, a spilled baby bottle, etc. can all introduce moisture into your carpet or rug.

If the area that becomes moistened is also dusty, then it doesn’t take much for mold to proliferate. Mold isn’t always visible, so mold spores can be spread without your knowing. It’s only by getting your carpet or rug cleaned that you know that you’re preventing the spread of mold.

Consequently, if you’re worried you have mold, good indicators are:

·       Unpleasant odor or pervasive smell

·       Location of the carpet or rug (basements are more prone to mold)

·       Wet padding beneath the carpet

·       Water damage to the carpet or rug

·       Discoloration or stains, an indicator of carpet or rug mildew

Maintains the Air Quality of the Home

By cleaning the carpet or the rug, you are not only maintaining the aesthetics, viability, and safety of the area, you’re also protecting the home’s air quality. Mold and allergens living in the carpet or rugs that are disturbed get scattered into the air where they can be inhaled, transmitted throughout the home via the HVAC, or spread by landing on clothing or other surfaces.

Allergens, germs, and mold that live in carpets and rugs—if left unattended—can make people sick and / or can inhibit respiratory health.

Make Carpets and Rugs Safer for Children and Family

Lastly, you need to clean your carpet and your rugs to make the carpet safer for children and family. All of the reasons above inform that a cleaner carpet is a healthier carpet. Families are less likely to suffer allergies, respiratory problems, and digestive illness if your carpet and rugs are clean.

What’s more, because children and babies spend so much time laying and playing on carpets and rugs, they will be more comfortable and more happy socializing if the carpet and rug is clean.

Clean carpets and rugs are gifts to your home and to your whole family in multiple ways. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, it’s important to clean your carpets and rugs in 2022.

Keeping carpets and rugs clean can be time-consuming, but it’s extremely important to attend to. If you’re considering having your carpets and rugs cleaned, contact us at Advanced Cleaning and let us help you decide how to keep your home’s carpets and rugs safe and beautiful.

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