The Most-Touched Surfaces in Your Home and How to Clean Them

Published On: October 26, 2022

We clean the bathroom, wash our clothing, and wipe down the kitchen after use, but there are many areas that are overlooked, even though we use them more frequently than others. Read through this list of the most-touched surfaces and learn how to clean your home efficiently and effectively.

The Major Players in Your Cleaning Routine

When it comes to cleaning, some of us enjoy the process, while others want to get it over with as soon as possible. No matter where you stand, there are a few areas of the home that need the most frequent TLC.

•   Bathroom: We know the bathroom is a highly-used space and one that collects germs and bacteria if uncleaned.

•   Kitchen: Our kitchens are used everyday, even if it’s just to make coffee or grab some items from the fridge. This space loves to hoard germs and bacteria, especially while we’re cooking and or meal prepping.

•   Bedroom: While our bedrooms may not necessarily get “dirty”, we spend a lot of time in them, which makes them a priority in our cleaning routines.

•   Living space/playroom: If you have kids or a space you relax in everyday, it’s probably a space that collects clutter, dust, and germs, These spaces are often a top priority, especially when it comes to kid and pet toys.

While these spaces tend to get the most attention, there are other areas that need just as much care. Some of them may surprise you as the most-touched surfaces in your home that generally go unnoticed.

Most-Touched Surfaces in Your Home

While our bathrooms and kitchens get a bad reputation for germs and other icky things, did you know there are a few places in your home that can carry more germs and bacteria than a toilet? The list below can help you find those spaces and keep them clean, so you and your loved ones can stay healthy and happy.

•   Light switches: Every time you enter or exit a room, there is a good chance you touch a light switch, but how often do you think of cleaning them? Light switches are one of the most-touched surfaces in your home, yet they are rarely added to the cleaning list.

•   Remote controls: For most of us, watching TV at the end of a long day is the way we wind down, and that means we are using a remote control to change the channel. This item is most-likely touched everyday, and it’s possibly touched by multiple people. How often are you cleaning this most-used device?

•   Electronics and phones: We are on our electronic devices more than we’d like to admit, and while our phones and computers have become an extension of our bodies, it also means they are a place to collect germs and bacteria. How often do you wipe down your phone, your keyboard, and your iPad?

•   Door knobs: We open and close various doors throughout our home, including the front door, bathroom doors, and bedroom doors to name a few. These handles are touched at all hours of the day and possibly used by others. What are you touching before you open that bathroom door? Where did you come from as you turn the key and the handle on your front door? Door knobs are another place for germs to collect and an item that is typically left off a daily and or weekly cleaning checklist.

•   Handles: Just like door knobs, we have various handles in our homes. From cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom to pulls on dressers and desk drawers, we touch this items more often than we think, and we rarely stop to ensure they are clean.

How to Clean Your Home

Now that we know what we have to clean, it’s time to learn how to clean your home and complete the task. The best way to clean your home is to divide up the chores and work your way through. To get organized, make a list and work through it either by day or by room. Here is a basic cleaning checklist to get you started:

•   Bathroom

•   Toilet, shower/tub, sink, vanity and mirror, door knob and handles, light switches, flooring, shelving

•   Kitchen

•   Major and minor appliances, table and chairs, sink, counter tops, cabinet handles, light switches, flooring, shelving

•   Bedroom(s)

•   Bedding, shelving, door knob and handles, light switches, flooring, organize closet/drawers

•   Front/back hall/mudroom

•   Flooring, floor mats, shelving, door knob and handles, light switches

•   Laundry room/area

•   Flooring, wipe down appliances, sink (if applicable), door knob and handles, light switches

•   Office/playroom

•   Wipe down toys, chairs and tables, desk and electronics, flooring, door knob and handles, light switches, shelving

Now that you have a list, think about the products you need to get the job done. When it comes to cold and flu season, you want to use items that can eliminate those stubborn germs and ensure your home is left clean and sanitized. There are also various natural cleaners and DIY solutions to help you get the job done, too!

Everyone’s cleaning routine and needs will be different based on the size of their home and number of occupants, but one thing we can all agree on is that germs and bacteria are not welcome. Add these most-touched surfaces to your daily/weekly cleaning checklist and be assured that your home remains healthy and clean for all.

Not everyone has the time or energy to complete a deep clean of their house or keep up their cleaning routines during the workweek. If you’re in the Cookeville or Algood areas, reach out to Advanced Cleaning and let us do the dirty work, so you can rest and relax.

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