What is Duct Cleaning?

Published On: October 26, 2022

Do you think about breathing? Probably not unless you’re in a yoga class or working through a health issue. Breathing is something the body does for us while we work, play, and sleep. Since you don’t typically think about breathing, you probably never think about the air you breathe. Whether you are at home or at work, the air you breathe is most likely heated or cooled. If you have a forced air system, then you have ducts running through your home or workspace helping that air flow into each room.

Ducts, not ducks, are hollow passages used to heat our indoor spaces, keep us cool in the warmer months, and ventilate buildings. These passages are hidden within walls and ceilings, secretly maintaining the temperature, and keeping the air we breathe clean and fresh. But with any system, sometimes it needs upkeep to run more efficiently. This is where professional duct cleaning comes into play!

Duct cleaning is the process of ensuring your ducts, and all aspects of your forced air system, are clean and functioning properly. Don’t worry; this isn’t something you have to do on your own. No need for any Mission Impossible action here! There are various companies you can call you who will come out, inspect, and professionally clean your ducts for you. Hint: call Advanced Cleaning Service for duct cleaning in Cookeville. We will take care of all your duct cleaning needs! Let’s go over what’s involved in the process and why professional cleaning is the best option.

The Professional Cleaning Process

You never want to attempt duct cleaning on your own as HVAC systems are very intricate. When a professional comes in to perform duct cleaning, they will complete various tasks such as checking the effectiveness of your air ducts and registers, clean your grilles and diffusers, access the motor and housing, and clean the evaporator coil, drain, and drain pan to name a few. Using motorized brushes, air whips and compressed air, professional cleaning ensures that the ducts are clear, and debris is collected safely.

When it comes to payment, there are various aspects that come into play. A professional will assess the size and accessibility of your system, along with the degree to which it needs to be cleaned. This means someone will come out and take a look at your system, giving you any information you’ll need to know about pricing and process. Once you’ve received a quote, the professional duct cleaning can begin!

Things to Consider When Debating Between DIY and Professional Duct Cleaning

While the jury is out on whether clean ducts can ease certain health issues, we know that clean air means happier lungs. The EPA suggests looking into cleaning your ducts if you notice allergy symptoms or spot issues such as mold, dust, bacteria, or have a history of rodents such as mice/rats. There is also evidence to suggest that cleaning your vents can lead to your heating/cooling systems working more efficiently. This means the cleaner the duct system, the more money you are saving on the other end in energy bills.

If you own your own business, not only are you responsible for yourself, but you are also responsible for the well-being of so many others. It’s important to ensure a clean and safe working environment, especially if you are housed in an older building. Getting a professional cleaning consultation is a great way to see if your business needs duct cleaning and can put everyone’s mind at ease knowing you are all breathing in safe and clean air. Not only are you helping your employees, but you can also save some money on heating/cooling costs! If you are part of a company and don’t run the show, you could also suggest duct cleaning, especially if you suffer from allergies.

Remember: when in doubt, reach out! Give the experts a call and let them do the heavy lifting when it comes to duct cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Takeaways

There is no clear marker for if and when you’ll need professional cleaning, but if you notice changes to your allergy symptoms or notice things like dust or mold in your home/business environment, it could be time to call Advanced Cleaning Service in Cookeville for some help. Ducts are what bring you your heat and your AC, so you can feel comfortable year-round. Ducts also circulate air to ensure a clean and safe environment. Professional cleaning can save you money while you save your lungs and immune system!

Just remember: if it looks like a duct and quacks like a duct, you definitely want to call a professional. For duct cleaning in Cookeville, call Advanced Cleaning Service.

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