What to Power Wash in Spring (And Why!)

Published On: October 26, 2022

Power washing is a great way to blast off dirt and debris and to revive whatever it is you’re cleaning. Because power washing involves applying a great deal of pressure to an object to clean it, this type of cleaning is typically reserved for things like building exteriors, decks, sidewalks, gutters, and other durable surfaces that are unlikely to be damaged by high pressure.

Spring is considered the best time for power washing because not only is the weather warm (and thus the water will not freeze on whatever it is you have cleaned) but also because snow, soggy leaves, dirt, and other contaminants tend to cake on and settle in during the winter. Deep cleaning large, durable surfaces at the start of spring will make it easier to rinse away pollen as the sunny season gets underway.

Power Wash Your Home and Business Exterior

When it comes to spring cleaning, everyone agrees that you should power wash during spring. The main reasons are already listed—your home and business exteriors get a lot of caked-on dirt and dust and debris during the fall and winter months (all of the particles from the falling leaves in fall, for example, have really settled in come spring). They need to be blasted away because they get into small cracks and crevices and can—over time—create structural issues (never mind that they’re just unsightly).

Power washing your home or business exterior in the spring will remove all of these particles and will brighten up your property substantially (it’s always surprising to see how much washes away during a good power wash!). As noted, because the weather is warmer during the spring, you’re not at risk for the water from the wash to freeze after the cleansing. What’s more, even though pollen is an issue during spring, once you’ve power washed, a simple rinse with the hose is all that’s needed to keep things clean.

Note that when you do power wash your home or business exterior, you should also power wash the gutters and eaves as they get moldy and dirty very easily (and are often neglected). Just make sure that when you do power wash your home or business, you prepare the space properly by sealing off doors and windows and by using the right pressure near the roof and shingles.

Power Wash Your Deck

Your deck also needs to be power washed. Decks gather mold and mildew in the ever-expanding and contracting wood grains. These agents can lead to dangerous situations and long-term damage that can substantially shorten the lifespan of your deck. Your deck should be power washed once per year. Spring is the perfect time to do this as your deck is about to (we hope) get lots of use during spring and summer months. Starting the season off with a clean and pristine deck ensures that it not only looks great but that you’ve also inspected your deck for potential hazards or issues as part of the cleaning process.

Power Wash the Patio Furniture

Even though you’ll need to remove patio furniture from the deck and around the house during your spring power washing, you’ll still want to clean that furniture. To clean patio furniture, use a lower PSI, like the one you’d use for your deck or car, and spray off wood furniture, cast iron tables, and synthetic materials that are considered safe for power washing.

The difference a power wash makes in refreshing your patio furniture is often surprising (pleasantly so!).

Driveway & Sidewalks

Finally, nothing brightens a home or business more than a freshly power washed driveway or sidewalks! Dirt, motor oil, pollen, allergens, and so much more embed into the concrete of your driveway and sidewalk leaving stains and slick spots that are as dangerous as they are unsightly.

Power washing these surfaces during the fall and spring (more for a business where there’s lot of traffic) will prepare the area for the new season and will get rid of hazards lingering from the cooler months.

Power washing your business and / or home each spring is an important way to keep those spaces in working order. Cleaning can help you stave off the need for costly replacements or repairs while also making your property appear newer and more inviting.

Power washing is a big and important job, and it’s one Advanced Cleaning does very well! Advanced Cleaning has over 30 years’ experience and all of the equipment needed to safely power wash all of your home’s surfaces at the right pressure. Contact us for all of your spring power washing needs!

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