Meet the Team: Tyler Dunn

Published On: October 27, 2022

Advanced Cleaning Services, a top-rated cleaning company in Cookeville, also has a top-rated staff. Here, you’ll get to know who the Advanced Cleaning Services team members are.

Tyler Dunn’s Role at Advanced Cleaning Services

Tyler Dunn is the Advanced Cleaning Service’s Operations Manager for Janitorial Services. Tyler’s workday actually starts in the early afternoon when he arrives on site to oversee the night custodial crews. In this role, he ensures sites meet Advanced Cleaning’s high-quality standards, he trains employees, and he quality-checks the firm.

Tyler at Advanced Cleaning: From the Beginning

Tyler has been with Advanced Cleaning for six years. Tyler says he discovered the company through a mutual friend. Kristy, the business owner, was seeking an operations manager. Tyler’s degree from Tennessee Technological University is in accounting and operations.

After Kristy reached out and they talked about the Operations Manager position, Tyler thought it over and decided it would be a solid decision to work with a local company and to further his career in management. After an interview, the job was his.

Tyler’s Favorite Part of Working with Advanced Cleaning

The best part of the job as Operations Manager is multitasking and problem-solving. With eight clients in a growing company, no doubt overseeing training and customer satisfaction is a very dynamic role that requires Tyler to be quick on his feet as well as personable.

Who is Tyler Outside of Work?

Outside of his role at Advanced Cleaning, Tyler considers himself a coffee connoisseur. Not only does he enjoy consuming coffee, but he also takes time to learn everything he can about the region and the climate in which the coffee he drinks is grown in. He follows the coffee’s processing down to the final brewing. Tyler is a true connoisseur.

In addition to drinking and learning about coffee, Tyler also enjoys hiking the mountainous trails of charming Tennessee with his wife, Anna.

Tyler Dunn’s #1 Cleaning Tip

Finally, Tyler leaves readers with a pro tip from the pros. Tyler says that when a normal sponge or a rag just isn’t cutting cleaning a spot or a mess, grab a Magic Eraser. He says, “You’ll be surprised with the results.” Magic Erasers ® are a Mr. Clean product typically available in any store where home cleaning products are sold. Time to stock up!

Advanced Cleaning Services is a top-rated cleaning company in Cookeville that provides residential and commercial cleaning services. Tyler Dunn is Advanced Cleaning Service’s affable and efficient Operations Manager who is great to work with.

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