How to Remove a Fresh Carpet or Rug Stain

We’ve all had that moment when we drop a glass of red wine, fumble with our morning coffee, or spill some sauce while enjoying a meal with family or in front of the TV. While these moments are panic inducing, the first step to fixing the issue is breathing. Don’t panic! Stop, drop what you’re […]

The Best Way to Clean Pollen This Season

When people say spring is in the air, what they really mean is pollen…pollen is in the air. It is wafting, landing, and accumulating on cars, screen doors, picnic tables, and any available surface in thick, yellow layers. While warmer weather is always welcome, the accompanying pollen is less-so. Not only does it negatively impact […]

How Dirty Are Your Carpets and Rugs?

Our feet carry us from place to place. They touch every space we enter, shoes or not. When you stop and think about it, our flooring, whether it’s in the home, office, or a public space, takes the brunt of human life, and with that traffic comes everything that’s touched those feet. This begs the […]

What Can You Track into Your Home or Office on Your Shoes?

Shoes, as we know, travel everywhere. They go across bathroom, store, and kitchen floors; they trespass lawns, roads, sidewalks, and more. According to a Livewire article, there are literally tens of thousands of bacteria on every square inch of the bottom of a shoe. This means that there are many germs on your shoes. By […]

5 Reasons to Clean the Carpets in Your House

We clean our bathrooms, our counters, our cookware, and our clothing, but there is one thing in our houses we use more than any of the others combined—our carpets. We put things on them, and we walk on them with shoes, socks, and bare feet, yet unlike the aforementioned cleaning tasks, we don’t give our […]

5 Germs that Can Live in Dirty Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are lovely flooring options in homes and offices. They definitely add panache with pops of color. They’re also warm in the winter and feel lovely on your feet. The downside of carpets is that they can easily become havens for germs and bacteria that are known to make people and pets very […]

5 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Carpets and Rugs in 2022

Carpets and rugs are beautiful additions to any home. Carpets and rugs absorb noise. Carpets and rugs improve a space’s ambiance. Carpets and rugs tie rooms together. Carpets and rugs keep floors warm and comfy. They’re wonderful; however, carpets and rugs also absorb and retain dirt, debris, allergens, and tiny parasites called dust mites. This […]

10 Big Reasons to Have Your Carpets Cleaned ASAP

Everyone knows that clutter and dirt and mess make people uncomfortable. Dirty, stained carpets and other spaces make guests to your home or visitors to your business wonder about the overall sanitation and quality of your environment. Thus, carpet cleaning is important for creating a pleasing aesthetic, but this isn’t the only reason or even […]

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean This Spring

Carpets are wonderful for absorbing noise and enhancing your home’s aesthetic, but they’re also great at absorbing dust, allergens, pollen, and anything else that gets tracked across them. Whether you have carpets in your home or business, your carpets need to be on your spring cleaning checklist. Carpets need to be deep cleaned a few […]