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The Future of Garrison Park in Crossville, Tennessee

The future of Crossville’s Garrison Park is in limbo. The city is working to relocate sports leagues from the current park to Centennial Park. Park officials are also working to incorporate features that honor the history of Garrison Park. The future of this iconic park in Crossville depends on your input. Click Here For More Info.

Bill Garrison

In Crossville, an annual event called “Field of Honor” honors veterans. The idea came to Jean Smith when she saw a similar memorial in Nashville. She wanted to bring this kind of event to Cumberland County. The memorial includes flags with plaques bearing the name of veterans. Smith said it has been an emotional experience to see families find their loved ones.

The baseball team, the Crossville Blues, played at Garrison Park until the early 1950s. Later, the Cumberland County High School Jets played on its field for several years until they moved to a new stadium. Throughout the years, the park also hosted the county fair. Unfortunately, the park was not used to its full potential and was in need of some renovations. The 2014 Recreation Master Plan suggested redeveloping the property in phases.

Bill Garrison went to Chicago to make his fortune

Bill Garrison came from a small New England town and eventually became a national writer, speaker, and newspaper publisher. He also became the first American to publish a journal that promoted legally-mandated temperance. He was a member of the National Philanthropist and became a leader in the temperance movement. During this time, he married Helen Eliza Benson, the daughter of an abolitionist merchant.

The Liberator was Garrison’s newspaper. It was an anti-slavery publication that helped spark a new anti-slavery movement. He also organized the New-England Anti-Slavery Society, a society that espoused the immediate abolition of slavery. This organization later became the American Anti-Slavery Society, with abolitionists from ten different states joining.

Bill Garrison played for the Crossville Blues

Garrison Park was a baseball field located in Crossville, TN. It was built in the 1920s, and named for local entrepreneur Bill Garrison, who had made his fortune in Chicago. Bill Garrison also donated a large sum of money to the construction of the park. In the mid-40s, construction of a grandstand began. Today, the park has a splash pad and a playground. See This Article!

In the early 1950s, Crossville Blues games were played on the field. They played on a field that was also home to other local teams. At one time, the field was even used for high school games, with the Cumberland County High School baseball team regularly taking the field. Later, the ballpark was operated by the city’s recreation department.

Bill Garrison was awarded the 2016 LPRF Grant Cycle

A recent grant announcement announced that Crossville, Tennessee, will receive $400,000 from the state’s Low-Priced Regional Fund to renovate and expand Garrison Park. The project’s redevelopment includes the removal of an old grandstand and installation of a new playground, splash pad and restrooms. The funding will cover about half of the total cost of the project, with the remainder being spent on local match.

Construction began on the park’s renovations in August of last year, and the park opened for the public in May of 2019. Phase one of the project includes a state-of-the-art playground, splash pad, covered picnic area, restrooms, and a brand new basketball court. The park also features sidewalks and parking.

Plans for re-development of Garrison Park

Crossville, Tennessee, has begun plans for the re-development of Garrison Park. The park, which is located at Miller Avenue and 4th Street, was first developed in the mid-1920s. It included baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, restrooms, concessions, and a large parking lot. In recent years, however, the park’s condition has declined and it is not being used to its full potential. As a result, a recreation master plan, drafted in 2014, has recommended that the entire park be renovated. The goal is to complete the redevelopment project over multiple phases.

The city applied for a grant to renovate the park, and was approved in the 2016 LPRF Grant Cycle. Work began in August 2018, and the park is expected to be fully renovated by 2019. The park will now have a brand-new playground, a splash pad, restrooms, a fresh basketball court, and sidewalks and parking areas. In addition to the park’s renovations, the city has also committed to adding green space to the park. Click Through to the Following Web Page!

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