Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock

In White County, we are blessed with rivers, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks. One of the most popular hiking destinations is Sunset Rock.

This overlook is on Highway 70 just east of Sparta and it is well worth the stop. It offers a great chance to examine sedimentary rock layers from a new perspective. This is a fantastic article to read.

The Overlook

The town’s deep roots in music, deep gorges, and a deep love for nature fuel a small-town vibe you won’t find anywhere else. A visit here is a chance to see for yourself what countless people have discovered over the years: a little piece of paradise surrounded by a big backyard.

The sunsets over the Cumberland Plateau are spectacular. Sunset Rock is the perfect spot to enjoy them. The west-facing overlook offers views that stretch over 30 miles and is a popular gathering spot for thousands of locals and visitors alike.

The view is a nice backdrop for the dozens of waterfalls and scenic overlooks that dot the area, including Wildcat Falls. The 40-foot-high waterfall is one of White County’s two drive-by waterfalls and is particularly impressive when water levels are high. Another of our favorites is Burgess Falls off Hwy 70 east of Sparta, which is the widest waterfall in the area when it’s flowing at full capacity.

The Pillars

As you come down off the Cumberland Plateau on Highway 70 and enter Sparta, you are welcomed by a large bluff overlooking the scenic view of White County below. Known as Sunset Rock, this is one of the best vantage points in the area to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The cliffs at Sunset Rock are dotted with “pillars,” where generations of hikers have set up camp to watch the sunset. This spot is also the best vantage point to see a full moon rising over Spencer Mountain.

If you are looking for a place to spend the night in Sparta, there are several bed and breakfasts, including Heartrock Hideaway and Miss Marenda’s Antique Tea Room. There are also several hotels and cottages to choose from. Here is another spot to visit.

The Trail

The paved trail at Sunset Rock ends at an open rock ledge with spectacular 180-degree views of West Chattanooga, Prentice Cooper State Forest, and more. From here other trails connect providing a number of options for longer hikes.

This trail is part of the broader bluff line within White County with numerous waterfalls, caves, and scenic overlooks. The area is also home to six public parks, two state parks, and dozens of creeks, rivers, and waterfalls such as Burgess Falls and Rock Island.

After visiting Sunset Rock you can drive a few miles to see one of the two drive-by waterfalls in White County, Wildcat Falls. Located along Hwy 70 just east of Sparta, this beautiful cascade can be seen from the highway and is a highlight of any visit to this beautiful area.

The Parking Area

From here you can get an amazing view of the western horizon and watch the sun set across Spencer Mountain. The sun moves a little faster in the summer and a little slower in the winter but it never disappoints.

The trail winds up to the rock bluff and provides beautiful 180-degree views of west Chattanooga and Prentice Cooper State Forest. The cliffside trail continues upward passing several waterfalls as the Caney Fork cuts through the bedrock. Great Falls and Lower Great Falls are along the way as well as Ice Hole Falls where skilled kayakers have competed in world championship events.

Located on White’s Cave Road east of Sparta TN this parking area is open year round. From this spot, you can see the historic town of Sparta nestled in the valley below along with 50 miles of breathtaking Tennessee countryside that encompasses four counties. This is one of the best scenic overlooks that is close enough to take in by car in the entire county. Continue reading about Bee Rock Overlook.



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