What Can You Track into Your Home or Office on Your Shoes?

Carpet Stains

Shoes, as we know, travel everywhere. They go across bathroom, store, and kitchen floors; they trespass lawns, roads, sidewalks, and more. According to a Livewire article, there are literally tens of thousands of bacteria on every square inch of the bottom of a shoe. This means that there are many germs on your shoes. By […]

What Germs Live in an Office Building?

Office Cleaning Services

Germs are everywhere in an office building (okay, they’re everywhere in general, but they proliferate in office buildings because of the high volume of traffic). They are on door handles, rails, elevator buttons, vending machines, refrigerators, microwaves, mouse pads…you get the idea. What’s more is that it can take mere hours for newly introduced germs […]

What Does Commercial Cleaning Include?

Professional House Cleaner

The biggest benefit to commercial cleaning services isn’t that they keep your business clean (though, that’s a nice perk); actually, the best reason to hire commercial cleaning services is that they save you money. Not only does a commercially cleaned workplace mean less employee illness, less use and abuse of sick time, and less overtime […]

5 Reasons to Clean the Carpets in Your House

Antique Rug Cleaning

We clean our bathrooms, our counters, our cookware, and our clothing, but there is one thing in our houses we use more than any of the others combined—our carpets. We put things on them, and we walk on them with shoes, socks, and bare feet, yet unlike the aforementioned cleaning tasks, we don’t give our […]

The Grossest Surfaces in an Office Space

Office cleaning has always been part of a company’s daily checklist, but with the COVID pandemic and flu season around the corner, cleaning has moved to the forefront of everyone’s mind. While some offices are choosing to stay working remotely, others are finally coming back to in-person work, which means the way in which we […]

A Guide to Cleaning During Flu Season

We’ve always dreaded flu season, but now with the looming risk of COVID, the winter months are calling for more attention when it comes to our cleaning regimens. However, there is more to cleaning than knowing what to clean; we all need to learn how to clean effectively to ensure everyone stays healthy and well. […]

How to Clean Up After You Get Toilet-Papered on Halloween

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when the weather and our homes get ready for Halloween fun. From spooky décor to pumpkin spice lattes, people love getting in the holiday spirit, but sometimes Halloween can bring more than just candy and costumes. It can also bring kids and teens who egg homes and TP […]