10 Big Reasons to Have Your Carpets Cleaned ASAP

Published On: October 26, 2022

Everyone knows that clutter and dirt and mess make people uncomfortable. Dirty, stained carpets and other spaces make guests to your home or visitors to your business wonder about the overall sanitation and quality of your environment. Thus, carpet cleaning is important for creating a pleasing aesthetic, but this isn’t the only reason or even the biggest. The following are the 10 big reasons why you should clean your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Makes Carpets Look Better

Clean carpets are more aesthetically pleasing. As noted above, people will judge a space based on its presentation. Walking into a room with clean carpets creates the sense of overall cleanliness and aesthetic.

Carpet Cleaning Refreshes the Room’s Scent

Clean carpets also smell nice; a professional carpet cleaning will eliminate foul odors from your space. If you’re looking for another reason why you should clean your carpet, then you should do it to improve the environment’s odor. Whether you realize it or not, carpets absorb a lot of moisture, which can lead to mold and other unsavory smells. Carpet cleaning eliminates these and refreshes the room’s scent. You really notice it right after the carpet is cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Makes Carpets Last Longer

Another reason why you should clean your carpets is because clean carpets last longer. Carpets that get trodden down over and over without being routinely clean tend to wear out more often. Clean carpets stay looking fresher and newer longer.

Carpet Cleaning Removes Ugly Spots and Stains

Whether it’s your home carpet or your business carpet, your carpet probably has gathered a few spots or stains from traffic. It’s just the nature of flooring. Even if you don’t notice them, trust us…they’re there. Get your carpet cleaned to remove these unsightly offenders.

Carpet Cleaning Leads to Easier Carpet Maintenance

Carpet cleaning also leads to easier carpet maintenance. Not only are carpets that are regularly cleaned likely to last longer, they’re also going to be easier to maintain. Consider that a stain or a spot on a carpet that has only been there for a week is going to be easier to remove and to eliminate than one that has been there for two months.

Carpet Cleaning Improves Air Quality

Air quality is important especially in the winter when people tend to go outdoors less and to inhale recycled air more often. Because carpet is a gathering place for dust and allergens as noted, dirty carpets hold things. When people walk on the carpet or sit on the carpet, these allergens are stirred up and can trigger asthma and allergic reactions. Carpet cleaning handles this issue by removing the allergens.

Carpet Cleaning Makes the Environment More Sanitary

Carpets are like dry sponges in that they absorb almost everything they come in contact with including bacteria and allergens, which can be released into the environment when disturbed. These can come from people or the air filtration system. These allergens and bacteria spores can not only proliferate but can even make people sick when and if they do. A good carpet cleaning will mitigate these and keep them at bay (and keep you out of harm’s way).

Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Bugs

Carpets also collect bed bugs and dust mites. Even if you can’t see them, they’re there. What’s more, if they’re in the carpet, they can travel elsewhere. Regularly cleaned carpets don’t have these issues like those that aren’t cleaned very often.

Carpet Cleaning Extends the Carpet’s Warranty

Many people fail to read the fine print in flooring warranties, but when it comes to carpets, most carpet companies have warranty clauses that require you to get your carpet cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months. While you should have your carpet professionally cleaned more often than that, it is important to at least have your carpet cleaned often enough to maintain the warranty.

Carpet Cleaning Makes Everyone Happy

Lastly, carpet cleaning makes everyone happy. As noted at the beginning, clean spaces create a positive aesthetic. Clean carpet makes the entire space feel, smell, and appear clean. This boosts morale for you and your employees and gives your customer and friends confidence in the overall quality of your business or home.

That said, the reasons why you should clean your carpets are many; clean carpets do wonders for your home and business.

Cleaning does so much more than make places look prettier. They make them healthier and safer. Have your carpets professionally cleaned by Advanced Cleaning Services. We’re a Cumberland, Tennessee cleaning company that cleans carpets and so much more. Contact us and schedule a service!

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