How to Choose the Best Janitorial Company

Published On: October 26, 2022

A great janitorial company is one with a lot of experience behind them. They not only have years of experience working as a janitorial company, but they also perform the specific services you need for clients similar to you. Choosing the best janitorial company involves finding janitorial companies in your area and vetting them to make sure that their work matches their website and that they service companies similar to yours.

Finding a Good Janitorial Company in Your Area

If you do a search engine search of janitorial companies in your area, such as in the Cookeville area, you’ll find there are many Cookeville janitorial companies. How do you choose?

·       Look for a company with a good website; a good website and even a helpful blog shows off what the company knows about cleaning as well as that they’re active and remaining relevant. A blog is a way for a company to be active in the community and to help people who aren’t clients. A helpful company is often efficient.

·       Look for a company that has a lot of experience. If you search for a Cookeville janitorial company, you’ll see many companies with five or more years of experience, which is great, but look closer and you’ll find companies servicing the Cookeville area that have decades of experience. These are the companies you want to look more closely at.

·       Look for a company that offers the services you need and want and that has several references and outstanding reviews available.

Check the Janitorial Company’s References

Once you know that the janitorial company you’re interested in services your type of business and has experience with your type of business, ask for a reference list of current and past clients. It’s important to have both. When you interview current clients, find out what they like and dislike, if anything.

With past clients, find out why they stopped using services. There are multiple reasons, but knowing these can help you make a more informed decision.

Visit the Places the Janitorial Company Cleans

When you contact the janitorial company’s current clients, ask if you can visit their sites. If the business is a public venue, you don’t have to ask unless you want to tour private facilities. Otherwise, ask to visit and go by to inspect the work performed by the janitorial company.

This might seem like a meticulous step, but because the company you hire will be performing janitorial services for you, you want to be sure that you’re pleased with the quality of their work.

You need to undertake these steps for every janitorial company that you’re interested in potentially hiring. Importantly, find out how often the janitorial company cleans the business you’re touring and when they last cleaned it. This will help inform you of how often your business needs cleaning services and what kind.

Confirm the Company Has a Solid Staff

A great reputation and a good client list are important, but the best janitorial companies will also have a solid staff. Look for companies with little turnover especially in their administration and solid leadership. You can recognize a janitorial company with a solid backbone through its team of employees and its leadership.

Make Sure the Company Offers the Round-the-Clock Services You Need

Finally, pick a cleaning company that is accessible. A good janitorial company will offer services on a round-the-clock basis. This means that they work at night and work 365 days a year. The best janitorial companies offer services on this timeframe to ensure that your business is clean and ready to go when it’s time to open each and every day. The janitorial company you hire should make you feel like a magic wand gets waved over your business every night. The best janitorial companies leave no trace…not one speck of dirt.

If you’re looking for a great Cookeville janitorial company to clean your business, then look no further than Advanced Cleaning Services. Advanced Cleaning Services has over 35 years of experience and works 365 days a year. We can provide references and have a wonderful office staff and leadership for you to speak with. Contact us to see if we’re the best janitorial company for you!

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