Your Business Spring Cleaning 2022 Checklist

Published On: October 26, 2022

Spring is about to be sprung, which means it’s time to start spring cleaning your office! Yes, even offices need a good hard clean come spring. Why? Because spring is a time of rebirth and your office needs a seasonal refresh. Spring also produces allergens and pollen that tends to get into and onto everything. A good spring clean will ensure that you or your employees or your customers aren’t negatively impaired by the many things that spring invariably brings.

Power Wash Your Business

Spring starts outdoors, which means your spring cleaning can and should, too. Whether your sidewalks spent weeks caked in snow or just soggy leaves, it’s likely your sidewalks have developed a film of grime on them. If nothing else, they’ve likely accrued some dirt and aren’t looking their best and brightest.

At worst, your sidewalks have a film on them that could be slippery and present a hazard. Likewise, your building may also have collected some dirt and debris. Pollen may also have started to cake onto sidewalks and your building’s exterior.

As part of your business spring cleaning checklist, you’ll want to power wash everything that’s dirty. The good thing about power washing is that it doesn’t take long to do but the results last for months. With spring brightening up the foliage, it makes sense for you to brighten up (and guarantee the safety of) your building’s exterior.

Throw Away Old Papers

We know that records are important, but boxes of papers from 5+ years ago need to go. Those boxes collect dust and allergens and take up space. The dried-out paper and cardboard can also pose fire hazards. Decluttering your office space by disposing of or digitizing papers and shredding and recycling the rest will not only refresh your office, but it will also open up space.

Clean the Carpets

A good scrub is always a must for spring cleaning…especially if you have carpets. Throughout the year, people track in mud, dirt, allergens, bacteria, and so much more on their shoes. While your home’s carpets can get away with being cleaned only a couple of times a year, carpets in your office need to be cleaned more often to reflect the volume of traffic that your floors see.

Even carpets that look clean aren’t. You’ll find that a good carpet cleaning refreshes the carpets, removes allergens and bacteria that can make people pretty sick (so it’s likely people’s sick leave will reduce), and enlivens the space. Clean carpets also smell better. Carpet cleaning is a must-do for spring cleaning.

Buff the Floors

If you have hard surfaces in your office, then you’ll want to clean those, too. Spring cleaning means refreshing. A good floor buffing removes scrapes and scratches and dirt and debris. Floor buffing brightens and polishes the floor as well. The results are that your floors feel and look brand new. The year may have started in January, but spring is really the time when everything needs that annual refresh.

Clean the Ducts

If your duct cleaning and service assessment isn’t already scheduled or hasn’t recently been done, then you need to have someone come in and check your air ducts. So many hazards like mold and bacteria and pollen and other allergens cycle through ducts.

During winter, ducting collects and recycle all of the air’s contaminants. Consequently, this is why people tend to get sick more in winter…they go outside less and germs and other agents just cycle and recycle indoors through duct work. Clean ducts and fresh filters equal fewer germs, bacteria, viral agents, and allergens, which means you have cleaner, fresher air and a healthier workplace.

Consequently, this is why you should also make carpet cleaning part of spring cleaning…allergens in carpets get stirred up, so if you clean your ducts but not your carpets, you’re not getting your offices as spring clean as you could.

It may sound like a lot, but by putting each of these items on your business’s spring cleaning 2022 checklist and hiring the pros to knock them out in a handful of days, you’ll get a sparkling new office environment that feels as fresh and bright and welcome as the flowers in bloom.

Make your business healthy, safe, and attractive by checking these items off your business spring cleaning 2022 checklist. Crossville and Cookville businesses looking to have their businesses spring cleaned should look no further…Advanced Cleaning is a cleaning company with over 30 years’ experience that tackles carpets, ducts, floors, power washing, and more!

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