10 Reasons to Start a Business in Cookeville

Published On: October 26, 2022

Cookeville, Tennessee has something about it that inspires people to chase their entrepreneurial dreams, opening unique shops, establishing creative firms, encouraging young professionals and seasoned citizens to take that leap into business ownership. Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Here are ten reasons why you should:

1. The Location is Perfect

Located in Putnam County between the Cities of Knoxville and Nashville, Cookeville, Tennessee is called the “Hub of the Upper Cumberlands.” This name makes complete sense given that Cookeville is roughly an hour outside of Knoxville and Nashville. Cookeville is not only ideally located, but it’s also a perfect blend of urban sprawl and suburbia.

2. Cookeville is on the Grow

According to the U.S. Census, Cookeville is the eighth fastest growing micropolitan area in the United States. A micropolitan area is deemed such for its substantial economic contribution despite being a smaller city.

3. The Economy is Ripe for New Business in Cookeville

The expanding population in Cookeville means that there are more consumers who need everything from products to purchase to places to dine to services such as marketing, accounting, management, healthcare, cleaning, etc. In other words, any business you want to start is destined to do well in Cookeville.

4. Cost of Living is Affordable

It might be needless to say, but affordable living is a very good reason to start a business in a given location. Cookeville has very affordable cost of living in a multitude of great locations. There are several lakes, waterfalls, and bucolic areas you can reside in as well as suburban and more urban neighborhoods and communities within the Cookeville area. This is excellent because it means that when you start a business in Cookeville, you won’t be house-poor.

5. Commercial Property Rental Rates are Low

Cookeville is a prime location for starting a business because commercial rental rates are low. Buying or renting space is usually one of the most prohibitive costs for a new or expanding business, so low commercial property rates is a very good reason to start a business in Cookeville.

6. Property Taxes are Low

Another reason to start a business in Cookeville is the low property taxes. Not only is this advantageous for your personal residence, but it’s also beneficial for your business’s overhead.

7. There’s Room for Expanding a Growing Business

Because Cookeville is the eighth fastest growing micropolitan area in the United States, there’s a lot of room to start a business in Cookeville as well as to expand a business into Cookeville. The growing population means both customers and employees are abundant.

8. Tax and Regulatory Burdens are Low for Businesses in Cookeville

According to NerdWallet, the tax and regulatory environment in Tennessee are designed to attract small businesses in particular. Specifically, there’s no broad-based wage or salary income tax for single proprietors and other business owners.

9. There’s an Educated Workforce

The Drive to 55 Alliance in Tennessee is working hard to ensure that at least 55% of those living in Tennessee have either a college degree or a certificate by the year 2025. Areas flanked by thriving school systems and major universities will have even readier access to those people.

Cookeville is home to Tennessee Tech University and is well-known for high-performing primary and secondary schools. Further, the proximity of Cumberland to Knoxville and Nashville, homes to the University of Tennessee and to Vanderbilt University, gives local businesses an even larger educated work force to draw from.

10. Cookeville is a Safe Place to Live

Safety is not only an important issue for your own sense of well-being, but it’s also important for your business. Cities with high crime per capita rates tend to struggle as people migrate away from those areas. Further, when your business is affected by crime, you tend to change hours and policies and invest in costly security you don’t necessarily need in a place like Cookeville, a place known for safety and low-crime rates.

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