How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Wash Your House?

Published On: October 26, 2022

We are constantly cleaning and decorating the inside of our homes, but sometimes, we forget that the exterior is just as important. Not only is the outside the thing everyone sees, but like interior upkeep, ensuring our siding and landscaping is clean and organized is important for long-term investment.

A great way to keep the exterior of your home in perfect shape is by pressure washing, and the best way to go about this need is by hiring professional cleaners to pressure wash your house. In the Cookeville area, Advanced Cleaning Service can take care of all these needs and so much more! Before you make the call, let’s talk about what goes into Cookeville pressure washing, why it’s important, and what goes into the cost.

What Is Cookeville Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing, sometimes known as power washing which adds the use of hot water, is when you use a high-powered hose to clean off surfaces such as concrete, siding, and brick. Pressure washers in Cookeville can use up to 4000 psi to remove stubborn stains, dirt, grime, bacteria, and so much more. Cookeville pressure washing can be used to revitalize decks, clean the moss out of bricks and patio pavers, along with keeping your house’s exterior looking good as new.

When it comes to pressure washing your home, there are a few things to remember. Renting a pressure washing system on your own can be costly and take more time if you are unfamiliar with the process. It’s also important to remember just how powerful the systems are. Pressure washers in Cookeville, if not used properly, can cause severe injury and even death.

For these reasons, you’re better off hiring a company to do the work for you! Cookeville pressure washing can get the job done safely and effectively. At Advanced Cleaning Service, we are ladder trained, OSHA certified, and have years of experience. Don’t risk your own safety and the integrity of your home to save a few bucks. Call us now, and let the professionals do the work!

Why Is Pressure Washing Your Home Important?

Your home is the most important investment you can make, and to ensure you keep that investment in great shape, add pressure washing to your to-do list. Cookeville pressure washing can remove harmful substances such as mildew and dirt, along with helping you prep before repainting your home. Pressure washing removes dirt and loose paint that can affect the look and longevity of a new paint job. Pressure washing can also add to your curb appeal and house value, especially if you are planning to sell.

Advanced Cleaning Service in Cookeville doesn’t just pressure wash your home’s exterior. We can also help you clean up your driveway, patio, and deck! Let us ensure your home will be taken care of when it comes to pressure washing. Don’t waste your weekend attempting this task on your own. Let us do the dirty work, so you can enjoy your time off.

The Takeaways and Cost to Pressure Wash Your House

The cost to pressure wash your house can vary based on the size. Most companies charge $1 – $2 per linear foot, but the total amount depends on your individual needs. Call Advanced Cleaning Service in Cookeville to get a free quote to pressure wash your home. We bring our state-of-the-art equipment and use recycled hot water for a deep clean. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure everyone is happy at the end of the service. Call today and cross pressure washing off your home’s to-do list!

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