The Grossest Surfaces in an Office Space

Published On: October 26, 2022

Office cleaning has always been part of a company’s daily checklist, but with the COVID pandemic and flu season around the corner, cleaning has moved to the forefront of everyone’s mind. While some offices are choosing to stay working remotely, others are finally coming back to in-person work, which means the way in which we think of cleaning and shared spaces needs to shift. Not only do we need to think about cleaning, but shared spaces are taking on a whole new meaning in a post-COVID world. Where are the dirtiest surfaces in an office space, and what can we do about them?

The Top Dirtiest Surfaces in an Office

When we think of dirty spaces, most people go right to the bathroom or kitchen/breakroom, and while there is a lot of truth to icky things lurking in those spaces, you may be missing some major surfaces that need more TLC. Check out this list of the most missed items when it comes to cleaning to ensure your office is clean from top to bottom.

  • Door handles and light switches: We all open/close doors and turn on/off lights, but do we ever think about cleaning these spots in our office? Think about how many people enter and exit your office doors on a daily basis. Then think about how many people touch light switches without ever thinking to wash their hands. Research has shown time and again that these two areas of an office end up carrying more germs and bacteria than the bathroom because they are overlooked when it comes to daily and weekly cleaning. Toilets are cleaned daily, but when’s the last time you cleaned that light switch?
  • Electronic items: Items such as keyboards, mouses, phones, and copy machines are just a few of the things we regularly use in the office. The question is: what are you doing before and after you touch these items? Then ask yourself, who else is using these items and doing the same? Electronics can easily hold and transfer germs and bacteria, especially if they are being used by multiple people throughout the day.
  • Bathroom counters: You may think toilet seats are germ-riddled surfaces, and while yes, they are, they are cleaned far more often because of that prejudice (and rightly so). But that means there are other areas of the bathroom that become neglected because they aren’t at the forefront of our minds. Bathroom counters can also be hotbeds for germs and bacteria, which is why it’s important to cover every inch of the bathroom when it comes to nightly cleaning. Are people placing items on this counter before leaving for the day, heading to the breakroom, or going into a conference room meeting? If so, whatever is lurking on that counter is now in the rest of the office. Ensuring surfaces like bathroom counters are clean is important in reducing the transfer of germs from one location to another.
  • Kitchen appliances: Shared items such as microwaves, refrigerators, utensils, and tables in the breakroom or kitchen can be a hotbed for germs. You may wash your mugs, but are you wiping down the buttons on the microwave after every use or wiping down the handle to the fridge? It’s in these spaces we forget about that germs and bacteria love to call home. When cleaning a kitchen or breakroom, make sure handles and buttons of all kinds and appliance surfaces such as coffee makers and water coolers all make the cleaning checklist. Whatever is on that coffee pot handle is making its way around your office.

Office Cleaning Checklist

Now that we are aware of the overlooked spaces lurking in the office, it’s time to rectify the situation. Creating an office cleaning checklist is a great way to ensure everything gets cleaned and sanitized. You can start with major areas then identify the spaces that need to be cleaned once a day and once a week. Start here. See what you’re missing and consider what needs to be added for your specific office needs.

  • Bathroomo   Toilets, stall doors and locks, counter tops, soap/towel dispensers, door handles and light switches
  • Breakroom/kitcheno   Counters, appliances (handles, surfaces, buttons, pulls), cookware/utensils, interior/exterior of the fridge, light switches, door handles
  • Desks/shared work surfaceso   Table tops of all kinds, all shared items on desks (staplers, mouses/keyboards, etc.), chair (arms)
  • Common areas/foyers, waiting roomso   Chair (arms), tables, shared items such as magazines, pens, etc., light switches, door handles
  • Flooringo   Vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping once a day, waxing a few times a year based on traffic

Every office will have different needs, but these items should be on every checklist. Get that list together, and if push comes to shove, you can always call the pros!

Calling in the Pros

You may or may not have time to clean your office, but getting it done right is the most important factor, especially when it comes to COVID and flu prevention. Using a professional cleaning service can ensure all areas of the office are taken care of and sanitized properly. Whether you are an office of five employees or a company of 100+ staff with clients and customers entering and exiting each day, ensuring everyone is safe is part of the daily checklist. Leave it to the experts when it comes to cleaning, and take this one item off your plate, so you can focus on business at hand.

Every office will have different needs depending on the business type and traffic. Professional cleaners can sanitize spaces such as dentist’s office, disinfect highly trafficked areas in larger buildings, and keep your small business running efficiently with nightly cleaning and trash removal. What are you waiting for? Leave it to the pros, so you can focus on your work.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the best way to ensure your staff and customers are safe from the moment they walk in the door. If you’re in the Algood or Cookeville areas, reach out to Advanced Cleaning to see how we can help you maintain a clean and healthy workspace with satisfaction guaranteed every time.

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