5 Reasons to Clean the Carpets in Your House

Published On: October 26, 2022

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We clean our bathrooms, our counters, our cookware, and our clothing, but there is one thing in our houses we use more than any of the others combined—our carpets. We put things on them, and we walk on them with shoes, socks, and bare feet, yet unlike the aforementioned cleaning tasks, we don’t give our carpets the same love.

Yes, of course we vacuum our carpets once to twice a week, but vacuuming is not necessarily cleaning in the same way we would clean a stovetop or a shower. Vacuuming simply removes the dust, dirt, food particles, and other icky things that collect over time; it doesn’t sanitize, disinfect, or deep clean. That’s why professional carpeting cleaning is an important item to add to any cleaning checklist, and it only has to be completed once a year, depending on foot traffic, stains, and use.

See the list below for 5 reasons why you should clean your carpets and do so with a professional carpet cleaner.

Reasons to Clean the Carpets in Your House

There are many reasons why you should clean your carpets, but here are a few that may change your mind about professional carpet cleaning.

1.       Removal of germs/bacteria: Vacuuming is a weekly task that removes most of the stuff that tries to make a home in our flooring but vacuuming alone doesn’t cut it when it comes to removing germs, bacteria, dust, and other nasty things that can make us sick. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned guarantees these icky stragglers are removed through a thorough deep cleansing of the fibers, so our carpets won’t become a harmful aspect of our homes. This is especially necessary if we have small children crawling around or playing on the floors and if we have pets who can track in a whole mess of germs from the outside world.

2.       Healthier environment: Did you know that a dirty carpet can cause allergens to build up and impact the airflow in your home? You may not even realize that your carpet could be affecting your health! If we leave the windows open or have pets, dander, pollen, pet hair and much more can build up in our flooring and cause breathing issues or trigger allergy flareups from poor air quality. For those with allergy issues or breathing conditions such as asthma, carpeting can be a real cause for concern. Whether or not our household members have these conditions, professional carpet cleaning is good for all, as it can remove the things imbedded in the fibers that vacuuming alone can miss.

3.       Longevity: Carpets are an expensive part of our homes, which is why getting regular carpet cleaning services at least once a year is vital when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your flooring. By regularly cleaning your carpet, not only are you removing spots and stains to make it look good, but you are also maintaining the structure of the fibers to ensure it will last for years to come. Getting carpets cleaned can feel costly in the moment but replacing your carpets because they are beaten down and dirty will cost far more in the long run.

4.       DIY can risk damage: While there are many DIY warriors out there who crush the home cleaning game, carpets can be a tricky item to tackle. Each carpet is made of various fibers and materials that will react differently to the array cleaning products on the market and in our homemade solutions. Yes, DIY cleaning tools can be all-natural and great for surfaces such counters and clothing, but with DIY carpet cleaning, you can run the risk of staining your carpet permanently and or causing damage to the integrity of the fibers. This can also be true if you choose to rent professional equipment and try to complete the task yourself. The professionals know the various fabric types and use safe forms of cleaning, such as steaming, to ensure your carpet is cleaned in a safe and effective way. Don’t damage your carpet just to save a few bucks. The outcome could become far more costly.

5.       Looking good: Most of us may think of home décor as the cute holiday items we hang up around the house or big-item furniture pieces and light fixtures, but our carpets are one of the first things people notice, whether its consciously or unconsciously. And if there are stains or spots in open areas, everyone is going to notice. Yearly carpet cleaning can remove those pesky stains in a safe way and keep your rooms looking great. Just like the rest of the home, decorate your living space with stain-free flooring. Professional carpet cleaning can ensure your rugs are stain free and add to the value of your home and the atmosphere you wish to create.


You wouldn’t skip cleaning your toilet or your kitchen utensils, and you wouldn’t hang or use décor that is riddled with stains, so why would you skip carpet cleaning? You now know why you should clean your carpets, which means it’s time to get that item on the cleaning checklist for good.

With trained professionals like the staff at Advanced Cleaning, carpet cleaning can be quick and easy, leaving your home looking, smelling, and feeling good. Carpet cleaning technicians use a variety of techniques, such as steam cleaning, to ensure your carpeting is cared for, clean, and looking fresh. What are you waiting for? Add professional carpet cleaning to your cleaning checklist and keep your home healthy and happy.

Adding professional carpet cleaning to your cleaning checklist doesn’t have to be a burden. If you’re in the Algood and Cookville areas, reach out to Advanced Cleaning and ask for a quote. We offer professional carpet and rug cleaning with trained technicians and the latest technology to ensure your carpets will look great and remain allergen free.

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