What Does Commercial Cleaning Include?

Published On: October 26, 2022

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The biggest benefit to commercial cleaning services isn’t that they keep your business clean (though, that’s a nice perk); actually, the best reason to hire commercial cleaning services is that they save you money. Not only does a commercially cleaned workplace mean less employee illness, less use and abuse of sick time, and less overtime hours for healthy employees, but buildings and offices that are commercially cleaned also last longer. Not only do structures and HVAC systems last longer, but so do desks, computers, chairs, countertops, refrigerators, and other appliances in the office. Additionally, commercial cleaning saves money because it saves time; rather than stopping work to clean, you and employees are able to remain productively engaged for the duration of the workday. Get a better idea of how commercial cleaning saves time and money by learning what commercial cleaning consist of.

Nightly Housekeeping

To facilitate productivity, commercial housekeeping services take place at night. After hours, the commercial cleaning crew comes in to address basic housekeeping tasks, which includes:

  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Sanitizing
  • Trash emptying

Nightly commercial cleaning services take care of common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, desk areas, offices, entryways, elevators, and whatever areas you need.

Floor Buffing, Stripping, and Waxing

Commercial cleaning also includes services that don’t have to be carried out on a nightly basis but that should be attended to regularly especially in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Floor buffing, stripping, and waxing are among these services.

Stripping removes the layer of wax from the floor’s surface; this creates a clean slate for a new coat of wax. Waxing helps keep floors protected from grit, grime, debris, and wear and tear. Meanwhile, buffing polishes the wax giving your floor a smooth and shiny finish.

Depending on your flooring and the level of traffic, certain services, such as buffing, may need to be carried out monthly. Meanwhile, stripping, waxing, and buffing should be done every four to six months to once a year, depending on how much foot traffic your building gets.

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning services involves cleaning your building’s interior and exterior windows. Clean windows not only boost the aesthetic of your workplace, but they also increase its longevity. Windows are vulnerable to the elements such as wind, sun, rain, and other debris. While they may not immediately show signs of damage, lack of maintenance shows overtime. Windows become less energy efficient, and they get cloudy. Professional window cleaning keeps these damages from showing, which keeps your business looking bright, shiny, and new from the inside out.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing services are vital for the maintenance and presentation of any business. Commercial pressure washing merits cleaning sidewalks, curbs, walkways, building exteriors, landscape hard spaces, and whatever else is safe and accessible to clean on your building’s exterior.

Pressure washing not only restores your building and landscape’s appearance, but it also limits aging due to grime, water, dirt, and debris buildup. Further, pressure washing keeps your building’s exterior safe. When sidewalks get wet and grimy, they can become slippery, which can be a liability. Commercial pressure washing typically only needs to be done every six months (though, again, traffic may impact this), which makes it worthwhile.

Carpet Cleaning

Another commercial services that is vital for the cleanliness and maintenance of any company is carpet cleaning. If you have carpet, then you know that it easily stains, holds germs and bacteria, shows age, and retains odors if it’s not well-maintained. Dirty carpet is impossible to hide, which is why it’s important to have carpet professionally cleaned. Commercial carpet cleaning not only shampoos carpets and cleans area rugs, but it also eliminates spots and treats for germs and bacteria that get trapped in carpet fibers and floor mats.

Mechanical Floor Scrubbing

Lastly, a commercial cleaning services that benefits many is mechanical floor scrubbing. Mechanical floor scrubbers are large machines that break up debris and agitate dirt out of a floor’s surface. The machine then sucks it up and cleanses it. Mechanical floor scrubbing is especially useful when there is a lot of ground to cover in a cleaning and / or for deep cleans.

 Commercial cleaning services are important for keeping offices sanitized, safe, and productive.

Commercial cleaning services such as those provided by Advanced Cleaning are vital for keeping offices sanitized, safe, and productive; not only that, commercial cleaning services save you and your company money by freeing up time and by keeping your workplace well-maintained.

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