How to Prepare Your Business for Commercial Cleaning

Published On: October 27, 2022

Commercial cleaning services do wonders for any business. Commercial cleaning services cover activities like floor buffing, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, custodial services, and more. Regardless of the commercial cleaning services you plan to have done, there are a few things general things to do to prepare your business.

1. Consult with the Cleaning Company & Select Services

The first step in preparing your business for commercial cleaning is to consult with the company who is going to clean your business. You can select regular nightly services, which typically include custodial tasks like trash emptying, floor cleaning, and window cleansing, or you can schedule one-time deep cleanings or specific tasks such as duct work inspection and cleaning.

During your consultation, the commercial cleaning company will advise on what your business needs to do to prepare your business for commercial cleaning. Generally, there are a handful of things that are appropriate to do regardless of your industry or the type of cleaning services you are having done.

2. Inform Your Staff / Team

First, you want to inform your team that you have decided to have the business commercially cleaned. Employees may choose to not leave delicate or personal affects at work knowing that there is a nightly cleaning crew coming in or that on a given occasion, the workplace will be cleaned when they are not present. They can also tidy and organize their workstations in preparation.

3. Clear Workspaces of Debris

Another way to prepare your business for commercial cleaning is to clear the workplace of debris. For example, if you have an office, tidy desks of loose paper, pencils, and other materials, so that the cleaning company can wipe down desks. The same is applicable for businesses where employees use other forms of workstations or countertops. Commercial business companies will sanitize and clean these spaces as part of their services; preparing for cleaning involves getting objects out of the way.

4. Remove Non-Furniture Objects from the Floor

Because commercial cleaning services also involve floor buffering or carpet cleaning, floors need to be as clear of debris as possible. Even though heavy furniture is generally not expected to be moved for routine cleaning, objects like boxes, briefcases, personal space heaters, etc. should be unplugged and relocated to give the cleaning company maximum access to the floor space.

On occasions where the cleaning company does a deep clean, preparing your business for commercial cleaning might also require you and your team to move chairs and furniture into a different room and / or to put trash cans on desks and to upturn chairs on desks or countertops to give the cleaning company full range access.

5. Remove Pictures & Plants from Shelves & Walls for Deep Cleans

Many businesses spruce things up with pictures and plants on desks, shelves, and counters. While these are perfectly fine to have, during a commercial cleaning in which the company is going to dust shelves, wipe down counters, and / or wash walls and windows, the business will need to temporarily remove plants and pictures to allow access to these spaces.

6. Don’t Forget Bathrooms, Entryways, and Other Spaces

Finally, to prepare your business for commercial cleaning, you need to remember to perform all of the above-mentioned tasks in utility spaces such as the bathrooms, the entryways, copy rooms, storage rooms, and other spaces where the cleaning company might be cleaning the floors, the walls, pressure washing, checking the air ducts, etc.

Why You Should Have Your Business Commercially Cleaned

Businesses that hire commercial cleaning services see multiple benefits including:

·       Fewer sick days among employees; businesses that are commercially cleaned generally have healthier air, less bacteria on work surfaces and in restrooms, etc., which means there’s a decreased spread of illness that leads to workdays.

·       Higher morale among employees; commercially cleaned businesses smell better, look cleaner, and feel fresher, which tends to put a spring in the step of any employee

·       Long-term savings on business furniture, carpets, and flooring

·       More satisfied customers who appreciate the business’s clean, professional appearance

In addition, by entrusting the cleaning and the maintenance of your business to qualified professionals, you’re allowed to focus on what matters most to you: your business. It doesn’t take much to prepare your business for commercial cleaning, and the benefits, long-term payouts, and appreciation you receive from employees and customers speak for themselves.

Preparing your business for commercial cleaning services doesn’t take much, and an experienced company with multiple satisfied customers like Advanced Cleaning can guide you through the preparation process for nightly and / or occasional commercial cleaning services.

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