How to Prepare Your House for Pressure Washing

Published On: October 27, 2022

There are many reasons to pressure wash your house. You should pressure wash before you paint your home. You should also pressure wash on an annual basis to remove grime, dirt, and mold that result from exposure. Pressure washing your house makes your home more aesthetically attractive and keeps it maintained. When it’s time to pressure wash your home, there are a few important steps you need to take to prepare your house for pressure washing to avoid damage.

1. Secure Windows, Doors, & Other Openings

Our homes are built to withstand regular weathering from wind and rain; however, the pressure caused by pressure washing (even lower-intensity power washing, which uses pressurized hot water for a gentler yet equally-efficient cleaning) is more substantial than even the gustiest rainstorm.

To prevent water penetrating the home through normal openings and entryways do the following:

·       Close and locks doors and windows

·       Seal any openings; make sure there are no gaps or cracks in door jambs and along windowsills or on the door and window casings

·       Check that weather stripping on doors and windows is in place; replace or repair any that’s damaged before pressure washing your house

2. Cover Exterior Electrical Outlets

Exterior outlets are easily overlooked. Walk around the house and unplug any appliances or extension cords. Cover the outlets. Most exterior outlets have hinged covers, but if they do not, purchase exterior outlet covers and install them before your house is pressure washed. Exposed electrical sockets can produce a surge or a jolt of electricity when the water stream comes in contact with them.

3. Remove Potential Fall Hazards

If you do unplug anything from the electrical outlets, make sure to wrap those cords up and put them out of the way. Likewise, canvas the property for other potential fall hazards such as shovels, children’s toys, bicycles, ropes, etc.

These types of items can be tripped over by the person who is pressure washing your home. They might also make it difficult to maneuver the pressure washer around, which will lengthen the amount of time it takes to clean the home. The pressure washer hose or the water hose might also get entangled in objects and fall hazards laying on the ground around the house and in the driveway or on the sidewalks.

4. Move Vehicles from the Driveway to the Street

Even if they are not in the way, park vehicles in the street, so they are not at risk of being damaged.

5. Remove Objects You Do Not Want to Get Wet

Another way to prepare your house for pressure washing is to remove objects you do not want to get excessively wet or potentially sprayed by the pressure washer. Such objects may be your garden furniture, your grill, your garden box, bags of garden soil or charcoal, etc.

6. Relocate Plants You Do Not Want to Get Damaged

Plants also need to be moved out of the way. Not only are plants potential fall hazards, but it’s very likely that they will be damaged by the pressure washer either due to the water exposure or the hose being drug past or over them.

7. Keep Kids and Pets Out of the Way

Lastly, keep children and pets out of the way while your home is being pressure washed. Children and pets should be kept inside during the pressure washing because they are more prone to meander in front of the pressure washer’s blast. The degree of pressure can break skin and cause serious injury.

If you have outdoor pets, secure them in the garage or even take them to the kennel so whoever is pressure washing your house can leave gates open as they move around your house.

By preparing your house for pressure washing, you allow the job to get done safely and quickly and without causing damage to your home.

While it takes time, it’s worthwhile to properly prepare your house for pressure washing. This ensures your annual pressure or power washing service such as that performed by Advanced Cleaning is completed safely and quickly.

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