Meadow Creek Park

Meadow Creek Park

The city of Monterey’s charming downtown is transforming. Guests can discover the town’s rich railroading and Native American history at the Monterey Depot Museum.

You can also catch a show at The Old Gray, the Upper Cumberland’s new outdoor concert venue. On Tuesday nights, enjoy a bluegrass and gospel music jam known as Picking at the Market. More by clicking here.

What to Expect

Monterey is an Upper Cumberland destination for those seeking breathtaking views and a downtown experience. This small town is filled with unique eateries and points of interest, including the historic Depot Museum and Bee Rock Overlook!

The town has also partnered with Tennessee Tech students through the Rural Innovation Center program to create branding and marketing strategies. Monterey Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary says the project is an excellent way for locals to capitalize on their natural attractions and boost the economy.

It’s also important to make safety a priority. Other activities like boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking pose far less risk of injury than rock climbing. All park visitors should be informed of safety rules and policies. This can be done by posting a large topo map of the park, listing all trails and features, with a list of all rules and policies on one side, and emergency contact info on the other. This should be stocked at the information board at the park entrance.


The park and lake are a popular destination for fishermen and non-motorized boaters. Plans are to develop hiking and mountain bike trails around the lake. These trails would connect to the steep bluffs and rock climbing areas.

The TDEC state parks climbing regulations and management plan could be adapted for the City-run Meadow Creek Park to ensure that climbers are fully protected and supervised. This is the best solution for keeping the unsupervised City park safer for visitors.

The main highway connection to the park entrance is currently unsafe and dangerous for motorists. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed, especially as the park becomes more popular with cyclists and rock climbers. The city should request TDOT to install a two-lane entry/exit with adequate turnout lanes at the entrance to the park. Also, ask TDOT to install “Caution, Park Entrance” signs on both sides of Hwy 62 well before the main park entrance. Discover more exciting places here.

Rock Climbing

The park offers rock climbing opportunities on a scenic overlook and bluffs on the east side of Meadow Creek Lake. Visitors can test their skills on one of 16 routes located at Bee Rock Overlook.

All climbers are required to register online or with park management prior to climbing and to carry a registration number with them while climbing. This helps the park manage climber impacts to a minimum by preventing over-crowding at popular routes.

A “Park Closed after Dark” sign should be posted at the main entrance gate and the new entrance at Connor Dr lot 10. A security patrol should be sent shortly after sunset to ensure all park users are out of the park. This will deter nighttime criminal activity and also demonstrate that the City is taking steps to reduce risks to visitors (e.g., negligence claims). The TDEC State Parks Rock Climbing Regulations provide model policies that can be adapted for use at Meadow Creek.


This 2,558+ acre tract of land is a sportsman’s dream. It offers quail hunting that gives the modern bird hunter a glimpse of the good old days. Its deer and turkey hunting rivals the finest in middle Tennessee.

Its recreational lake is a favorite spot for fishing and non-motorized boating. It has been stocked with trout and other game fish to provide a great catch opportunity.

In the town’s charming downtown, you can visit the Monterey Depot Museum and discover why this little mountain town has rich railroading and Native American history. The museum also has a historic train, a book collection, photos, a restored railway car, and more.

The City should consider a park ranger position to help enforce rules and monitor swimmers, rock climbers, and other visitors. The City should also install a scenic overlook on the old Hwy 62 roadbed above the dam, connecting to the Park trail system. It should also provide throwable flotation devices near the boat ramp and swimming areas, as well as a rope and buoy system to keep boats at a safe distance from the dam. Click here for more interesting articles.



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