Window Cliffs State Natural Area

Window Cliffs State Natural Area

Window Cliffs State Natural Area is a 275-acre day-use area in Putnam County and south of Cookeville. The natural area is home to the Window Cliffs, a group of limestone bridges on a narrow ridge in the neck of an incised meander of Cane Creek.

Hikers will also find a variety of waterfalls, rocky ledges, and other natural features along the trail. Stream crossings are frequent, and hiking shoes with good traction are recommended. Read on for some ideas.

Located in Putnam County

The 275-acre Window Cliffs State Natural Area is in Putnam County and southwest of Cookeville. The rugged cliffs and forests of the scenic park are home to unique geological features that showcase Tennessee’s beauty.

Visitors to the natural area can hike along the Window Cliffs Trail, which winds through the woods and offers stunning views of the limestone bridges and windows. The trail also includes a waterfall and ruins of stone walls.

The park supports Central Interior calcareous cliff and talus plant communities and is one of only two known locations in the state for the rare Muhlenbergia cuspidata (Plains Muhly) and Thuja occidentalis (White Cedar). The cliffs feature the Leipers Limestone unit with bands of argillaceous limestone and chert nodules.

Open Year-Round

Window Cliffs State Natural Area is a stunning new hike in the Cookeville area that opened in 2016. Located near Burgess Falls State Park, this new State Natural Area offers a unique outdoor experience and a beautiful scenic landscape.

The newest hiking trail features breathtaking rock formations and scenic landscapes along the pristine Calfkiller River. The 275-acre park also offers a variety of wildlife and rare plants that make the area an interesting place to explore.

Hikers will love the beautiful scenery and challenging hike on this 5.4-mile round-trip adventure. It includes nine river crossings, a gorgeous waterfall, and amazing window cliffs. The cliffs are named after the natural openings that look like windows in the limestone cliffs. Other points of interest include ruins of stacked stone walls and a variety of flowers like purple swamp milkweed, woodland phlox, and field thistle. Explore more!

5.5 Miles Round Trip

The Window Cliffs State Natural Area is a picturesque destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. This scenic natural wonder features a group of stunning natural bridges along a narrow ridge in an incision of Cane Creek. The beautiful setting makes this a serene and tranquil place to spend the weekend.

The trail at this park offers breathtaking views and challenging terrain. The trail consists of a series of creek crossings and rocky ground that require proper hiking shoes to navigate safely. The trail is also dotted with interesting plants like goldenrod, woodland phlox, and field thistle. It is a good idea to bring water for this hiking adventure as well.

The sandstone arches of the Window Cliffs are the main attraction in this area. You can also find a large number of waterfalls in the park.

Difficult to Strenuous

The Window Cliffs State Natural Area is located near Burgess Falls State Park, south of Cookeville. It features one hiking trail that takes hikers along the cliff features and provides scenic views. The hike is rated as difficult and strenuous. It is recommended that visitors check weather forecasts before their visit and be aware of the possibility of high water levels on the trail and its creek crossings.

The Central Interior Calcareous Cliff and Talus community is dominated by oak and hickory forests. The bottomland forests contain mesic coves that support eastern hemlock and American beech.

The rocky cliffs and ledges are covered with wildflowers like trillium, phlox, and phacelia. You may also see a few patches of usnea clinging to the dead trees.

Pets Are Not Allowed

Due to the numerous stream crossings with sometimes swift water and the potentially dangerous cliff tops, pets are not allowed in Window Cliffs State Natural Area. Despite this, the park is still a popular hiking destination.

The park has a wide variety of outdoor activities that will appeal to every type of hiker and nature lover. In addition to the awe-inspiring cliffs, visitors can also explore the park’s lush forests and tranquil trails.

The newest state natural area, Window Cliffs is located in southern Putnam County near Burgess Falls State Park. The 275-acre park opened for public access in April 2017. The Window Cliffs is a prominent geological clifftop feature consisting of a narrow, elongated ridge that lies in the neck of an incised meander of Cane Creek. Check our next area of interest here.



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